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What Exactly is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state that your body enters when you eat moderate protein and very low amounts of carbohydrates. Your body will use fat as the primary energy source, creating ketones for energy from both dietary and body fat. This unique process will help shed body fat extremely quickly.

Some benefits of the ketogenic diet include weight loss, blood sugar regulation, hunger suppression, hormone regulation, gut health, cholesterol, and overall long-lasting energy levels.

Ketosis can have a drastically beneficial impact on your quality of life if undertaken properly. It’s by no means easy to attain, but the good things in life are never easy and the improvement on all facets of your health will make it a worthwhile journey.

Why Keto Works for You?

A ketogenic diet consists of 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates. Within just a few days, your body can achieve a metabolic state of ketosis by minimizing your carbohydrate intake to this 5% of your total daily calories.

Following this diet will result in a decrease of glycogen - stored glucose within the body. Once the glycogen is depleted, insulin and blood sugar levels drop, and your body will begin to adapt by finding another readily avaible energy source - fat.

This is when a fundamental process of ketosis begins to occur: Beta oxidation. Beta oxidation is a state the body enters when it starts burning fat storages for energy. It sends free fatty acids to the liver in order to be metabolized and will use your body fat when excess energy is needed.

Ketosis causes the body to burn through fat much more rapidly than usual which is why it’s a very effective weight-loss method.

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I've tried what feels like hundreds of different programs for weight loss and they all usually end up the same. They work out reasonably well at first, then they start to go downhill or I hit a long plateau that never seems to go away. At the end of it all, none of my bad habits have been broken and I end up re-gaining all of the weight (and then some).

My program is tailored for people that have similar problems to what I struggle with:

  • Structured meal plans with simple, tasty recipes.
  • Information to build good long-term habits.
  • Complete shopping lists to easy frustration.

The main goal of the Keto Academy is to train you to become a fat burning machine. Learn exactly what to and what not to eat, maintain a state of ketosis easily, and to be able to stay at your weight loss goals once you've achieved them.

Some of our readers that are on KETO...

It's never too late to take control.

I will be exactly one year into my keto way of life. In that time, I have lost 83 lbs. although that is something to celebrate by itself, I also accomplished other things. I was a type 2 diabetic when I started this journey and now have completely been able to give up my Metformin as well as my insulin shots.

I have also gone off my blood pressure meds as well as my statins and antidepressant. I have gone from absolutely no energy to days filled with everything BUT a nap! And I might add, I did all this while turning 60.

Make the right choice, TODAY!

At the beginning of the year, I made my same New Year's Resolution that it was the last year I was going to be overweight. My weight loss journey had some ups and down, but I have successfully shed 123 lbs. This is the first lifestyle where I never gained during the process of weight loss.

I love helping to motivate and support others and really want to see everyone succeed on keto. Who wants to be fat and unhappy forever?


More and more modern studies are being published that show keto can give stable energy levels, elevated performance, and it actually more effecting than a high-carb diet.


Keto has been used for over a century to treat diseases, disorders, and even obesity. It's medically safe, and patients see and feel the results quickly.


There's no marketing hype here - just look at the keto community. There are hundreds of thousands of people losing weight effortly on a ketogenic diet.

Get FREE keto resources, recipes, and strategies from
the best keto blog on the internet.